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A happy Easter to all,

Well at long last work has finally started on the Village hall, A group of volunteers helped to remove the interior roofing panels which allowed the contractors to reline the front gutter, install an additional downpipe and a number of storm spouts to help ensure the hall doesn't flood again. An additional outlet has been installed to the guttering between the main hall and the Jubilee room. The roof panels have now been replaced and we are now preparing for the Contractors to come and spray the ceiling. This will cover up the metal framing and help to improve the finished feel in the Hall.

At long last we have found the source of the leak in the front storage room, this has been rectified and we are in the process of replastering the room.

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their involvement with the Village hall however you support us we are working hard to get the Hall open again for Early May

My best regards
Mike - Chair

Lawshall Village Hall Repairs proceed apace.... (for pictures see R&A April 2015)

Replacing ceiling panels after the repairs to the guttering have been completed: Three
members of the committee, fully kitted out in work clothes, gloves and protective masks and using a stabilised scaffolding tower, work together one evening to replace the 24 ceiling panels that had to be removed to allow access to the guttering space for essential repairs and to create outflow spouts to cope with any amount of rainfall and prevent any danger of flooding in the future.
As each panel was edged into place insulation material was then fed in behind, filling the space between roof and ceiling.
Thanks to members of the committee generously giving their time to assist in the repairs, refurbishments and redecoration, costs will be minimised.

If YOU might have time or skills to offer please contact a member of the committee as it is going to be “all hands on deck” to get the hall looking good for reopening in April. Your help would be appreciated. 22.3.2015

Well at long last I have some good news to report. On the 17th February we received notice that the final grant we had applied for had been approved and at the time of writing this we are only waiting for the insurance to settle on the loss of earnings claim. This now means that as a committee we are confident that we can start and complete all the work required before the Casino night in April.

We have decided that we need to stop the risk of further flooding in the future so work will commence on fully replacing the front gutter with additional outlets and a continuous lining. For the gutter between the main hall and the Jubilee room another outlet will be installed. Once this has been completed the internal roof panels will be put back and then re-sprayed, the hall will be fully decorated and a new floor laid.

You will also begin to see the outside of the building decorated and the grounds refreshed as the weather allows. If there are any volunteers out there willing to help please get in contact, it would be most appreciated. If you can’t help in this way your support on the Kew gardens trip or the Casino night would be great.

Best regards, Mike Underwood- Chair

Firstly can I thank you all for your continued support of the Village lottery and those of you who have recently joined and also to all our advertisers. Your support is really appreciated and it does make a big difference to our funding. We do, however, always welcome more!

Well by the time this article is published it will be over four months since the deluge and we have been without use of the Village Hall. We have actually moved forward both behind the scenes and in the actual hall itself. The committee have been busy getting quotes, not just for the immediate work to get the hall reopened, but also for the larger capital grants we have been advised to apply for by the Babergh community support team.

I can now confirm that
• A further grant from Babergh's 106 fund has been approved.
• Valspar the paint manufacturer have agreed to support us with paint.

We are beginning to finalise the insurance settlement and as part of this the old parquet floor has now been removed and at time of writing we are waiting for the surveyor to action a moisture report on the now bare concrete slab.

If you are part of a group and haven't done so already, please could you have a look at what you keep in the Hall and remove what you don't want going forward, this will make it easier for the decorators when they start work.

Thanks again for everyone's hard work
Mike Underwood - Chair

As at December 2014
Rumours abound with what is going to happen to the Village Hall. Is it going to close? Is it fit for purpose? And the rest… so it would appear to be timely as we move towards the New Year to update you on the current situation.

The Village Hall Management Committee are all 100% committed to reopening the Hall as soon as we are able, this will be subject to final funding and we are actively progressing well in this area.

Special thanks at this stage must go to the following for their support and contributions thus far:
• Richard Kemp
• The Parish Council
• The Lawshall Trust
• All User groups who wrote letters in support of our grant applications
We are also working closely alongside the Babergh Communities Support Office on other grants and professional support that is available to us and I will update you further when I have news on these.

As I am sure those of you who have had dealings with insurance companies know, these people take longer to deal with. However, there is an offer and we are in the process of negotiating better terms on this.

We have also taken the time to review what people from the village and the groups using the Hall have been telling us about the perception and usefulness of the building and where possible these suggestions will be taken on board, but broadly they are split into three areas:-
1. The exterior of the building. The appearance isn’t inviting and is rather bland. It is our intention to redecorate outside and update the areas requiring work such as new guttering and windows. This will start when the weather allows.
2. The grounds. These are unkempt and overgrown. This will be rectified before the Hall reopens. The hedges and grounds will be fully tidied and any overgrown areas cut down. Fence painted, verges tidied etc.
3. The interior of the Hall. Is it fit for purpose? Actually most people say it is. It has a large floor area for all the clubs with side rooms, modern sanitary facilities and a well equipped kitchen. We do need to get the decoration right including the back rooms and of course there’s the floor. It’s highly unlikely that the current type of floor will be re-laid but this is still works in progress. Work on decorating will start in the New Year.
There has also been some misunderstanding as to who owns the Village Hall and the deeds are very clear on this. The Village Hall belongs to the villagers as long as there is a need and a Management Committee to run it. If the hall is no longer viable or wanted, there has to be a village meeting to discuss the options and if no resolution can be made the Hall is conveyed back to the Town Lands Charity to be held in trust for the village.

Given the fact that we have been very well supported by the numerous groups that use the Hall, the above is highly unlikely and indeed not wanted by most people. The running costs and upkeep of the Hall are supported by the advertisements in the R&A magazine and the village lottery and I would like to encourage you to help us at this time by joining the lottery if you are able.

If you would like any further clarification on any matter relating to the Hall please speak to one of the committee members who will do their best to help answer your questions.

Best regards Mike Underwood - Chair

We are pleased to welcome you to the Lawshall Village Hall website. It is divided into six main headings. Some of these feature sub-sections to give you more information. For example, if you want to know more details about our Hall, please go to the heading 'Village Hall' and then click on any of the three sub-headings that come up. Why not look under Regular Hall Activities sub section 'Important Dates'. This tells you all the events that will be taking place in the Village Hall. We hope, that once you look through the site, you will find answers to your questions and have a good idea of what our very spacious Hall can offer.  In addition, you can find out what is happening in our village by downloading the latest issue of our 'Round & About Lawshall' magazine, to do this, please click on to the Download Latest Newsletter icon on each page.

Do you or your company need a Stage?  Do you require a full 'Sound System' with a Hearing Loop facility?  Do you wish to seat 100 people on comfortable chairs?   Do you want a place for an adult or childrens party?   Do you want to organise a Table Top Sale? Do you want a well-equipped kitchen? Do you require full facilities for the disabled?

There is plenty of space, both inside and on the grass outside. If you need a marquee, or outside catering facilities, these can easily be arranged. Details are under the sub-section 'Village Hall' then click on 'Hire Rates'. Large car park.

Find out if the date you want is free by clicking on to Booking  or Contact Us.

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