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Dear Visitor
On Friday 19th September at about 5.45p.m., rain started to fall in parts of Lawshall. By 6.30p.m. some 65mm or 2 ¾ inches of rain had fallen. Drains were unable to cope with the water that was pouring off fields starved of rain for some period. The pump station in Bury Road failed.
Sadly, some residents had water pouring into their houses and the fire brigade had to be called to pump these premises out. Some residents have had to move out and do not expect to be able to return for 6 months or so. Our sympathies go out to them.
Our Village Hall suffered greatly. Water backed up through the drains and up the downpipes. The water overflowed the internal guttering and poured inside. Our parquet flooring has been ruined with large bumps and pyramids appearing all over the floor area. Other rooms also suffered.
As a result the Village Hall has had to close for Health and Safety reasons. Though we hope that this is a temporary measure we cannot be certain at this stage. Our insurance company has been consulted and loss adjusters sent out to the premises, estimates for repair have been carried out.
Currently we are having to be patient and abide by the instructions given to us by the safety experts.
As I write this I cannot give any definite or positive news to the groups that use the hall. I am very sorry about this but assure you that the Village Hall Committee are doing all they possibly can to make progress at the moment. As soon as we know any good news you will be the first to be informed

John Payne
On behalf of the Village Hall Committee

We are pleased to welcome you to the Lawshall Village Hall website. It is divided into six main headings. Some of these feature sub-sections to give you more information. For example, if you want to know more details about our Hall, please go to the heading 'Village Hall' and then click on any of the three sub-headings that come up. Why not look under Regular Hall Activities sub section 'Important Dates'. This tells you all the events that will be taking place in the Village Hall. We hope, that once you look through the site, you will find answers to your questions and have a good idea of what our very spacious Hall can offer.  In addition, you can find out what is happening in our village by downloading the latest issue of our 'Round & About Lawshall' magazine, to do this, please click on to the Download Latest Newsletter icon on each page.

Do you or your company need a Stage?  Do you require a full 'Sound System' with a Hearing Loop facility?  Do you wish to seat 100 people on comfortable chairs?   Do you want a place for an adult or childrens party?   Do you want to organise a Table Top Sale? Do you want a well-equipped kitchen? Do you require full facilities for the disabled?

There is plenty of space, both inside and on the grass outside. If you need a marquee, or outside catering facilities, these can easily be arranged. Details are under the sub-section 'Village Hall' then click on 'Hire Rates'. Large car park.

Find out if the date you want is free by clicking on to Booking  or Contact Us.

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